Adventuredome Closed This Week For El Loco Testing?

by Matt on January 15, 2014

El_Loco_Transfer The Adventuredome is closed for the week for Maintenance this week. Many think this is the week the new roller coaster, El Loco is testing.

This is an excerpt taken from Vegas Chatter:

“There are two hints available that help reveal when El Loco will be up and running. First, the contest to be among El Loco’s first riders has an entry deadline of January 22. That gives The Adventuredome time to select the winners and schedule those rides while still making the end of the month deadline. Second, the park is closed this week, reopening Friday. What for? “Maintenance,” according to the park’s website, but test rides are the obvious explanation. Track work is complete, the cars are in place, and water dummies were recently delivered to the site. Water dummies simulate the size and weight of passengers, without putting real people at risk during testing. Assuming they return in one piece, rides with real people shouldn’t be far away.”


Look at that drop! I personally cannot wait to ride this new, one-of-a-kind roller coaster! There will be 4-7 cars running at the same time as well, making capacity not a big issue here.   El Loco should be able to still open by the end of January if it can start testing this week. Usually roller coasters require a certain number of hours being tested before it is considered safe for the general public.El_Loco_POV   It is also apparent The Adventuredome  and Circus Circus have shot a point of view (POV) of the coaster from this picture here. We will have a full video and review on media day, which should be within the next two weeks! Once we hear an official release date, we will be posting it here and on our social media outlets!

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