Tsunami Soaker Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Review

by Matt on May 29, 2014

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom had their media day for their new ride Tsunami Soaker. (Aqua Twist in other parks) This ride is similar to a classic tea cup attraction, but with a twist of each boat having a water gun attached.

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As you enter the boat, you sit down on one of five seats in the boat. As the ride starts, the blue platforms are flooded with water and the boats begin to float and go in a cycle. Your squirt gun starts to work right when the boats begin to spin. The most twisted part of this ride is the fact that the people who are not on the ride can squirt you in the boat and vice-versa.

Overall, this ride is a perfect fit for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and a good replacement for the Whale Attraction that sat in its place. The only issue I can see arising with this attraction is for left-handed people. The joystick you use to squirt the water gun is on the right side and it’s very awkward if you use your left hand to rotate it. Warning though, you get soaking wet and I mean to the point where you cannot walk without water pouring off you!

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SFDK provides heaters and fans to dry you off quickly! It is $5 for the day, not too bad of a deal if you hate being soaking wet.


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